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DFG-Noncoherent Communication

The aim of this project is the analysis of the performance limits of non-coherent communication in wireless networks of practical relevance and the investigation of appropriate transmission schemes for these networks. Non-coherent communication addresses the setup where neither transmit nor receive channel knowledge is available at the network nodes. The networks of interest include networks with relays and intereference networks. Preliminary results show that, under certain assumptions, non-coherent communication can attain a significant fraction of the performance of coherent communication in the same setup. Therefore, the investigation of appropriate schemes for non-coherent communication is of practical relevance.  In addition, we expect that the work on non-coherent communication will lead to a better understanding of the performance limits of wireless networks in general.

Project-related publications

Accepted for publication:
  1. Z. Utkovski, D. Ilik and L. Kocarev, “An achievable Pre-log Region for the Non-coherent Block Fading MIMO Multiple Access Channel,” accepted at International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, IEEE/VDE ISWCS 2013, Ilmenau, August 2013.

  2. Z. Utkovski and T. Eftimov, “A Pre-log Region for the Non-coherent MIMO Two-Way Relaying Channel,” accepted (invited paper) at the European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2013.

  1. Z. Utkovski, L. Basnarkov and L. Kocarev, “Emergence of Cooperation in Decentralized Wireless Networks,” Joint COST IC1004/GREENETS Workshop on Energy Efficient Networks, Ilmenau, May 2013.

  2. T. Eftimov and Z. Utkovski, “Mutual Information of Unitary Isotropically-distributed Inputs in Non-coherent Multiple Access Channels,” IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, ISIT 2013, Recent Results Session (poster presentation), Istanbul, July 2013.