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Nino Arsov


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Drafts and/or preprints will be updated here when arXiv is not an option.

Current Status

I finished my undergraduate studies in computer science in November, 2015. I studied at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FCSE), at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.
I am currently a research volunteer and plan to do a PhD in machine learning.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on machine learning theory and algorithms. I am also very interested in data management and would like to combine it with scalable machine learning since they are becoming increasingly correlated and dependent of each other.

All drafts and preprints are available in the Files section at the bottom of this page.

Publications Under Review

  • Arsov N., Pavlovski M. & Kocarev L. “Weighted Bagging Predictors” (in submission to Machine Learning, Springer)
  • Jovanovski J., Arsov N., Siljanoska Simons M., Velinov G., “A Genetic Algorithm Approach for RLE Compression in a Column Store Table” (in submission to Soft Computing, Springer)

Publications in Preparation

  • Arsov N., Pavlovski M., Basnarkov L. & Kocarev, L. “Collaborative Bagging of Boosting Ensembles”

  • Pavlovski M., Arsov, N. & Kocarev, L. “Unbiased Ensemble Generation Through Population Distribution Approximation“ – Working Title

  • Velinov G., Arsov N., Dimovski A. & Kon-Popovska M. PA2DP: from Predicate Abstraction to Predictive and Adaptive Data Partitioning” - old short version available on the bottom of this page (Prediction of Horizontal Data Partitioning Through Query Execution Cost Estimation)

Conference Posters

  • Arsov N., Pavlovski M., Basnarkov L. & Kocarev, L. “Collaborative Bagging of Boosting Ensembles”, presented at the SEE Forum on Data Science, Belgrade, June, 2016

Undergraduate Research Projects

During my undergraduate study, I have worked on some interesting research course projects related to data mining, text mining and advanced compiling techniques. Here are some of them and you can find the documents in the Files section at the bottom of the page:
  • Human Activity Recognition: Classification of Body Postures and Movements (Data Mining)
  • Exploiting the power of modern processors and architecture-specific compiling techniques in numerical algorithms (Advanced Computer Architectures)
  • Analysis of Spearman’s ranked correlation as a measure of similarity in text mining (ICT Research Methodology)
  • Text retrieval from the Amazon Common Crawl Corpus of crawled web pages - using Hadoop-based Map-Reduce and remote b-tree index querying in Python (Distributed Systems)

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