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Angel Stanoev

Research Centre for Energy, Informatics and Materials
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Bul. Krste Misirkov 2, P.O. Box 428

If you are interested in my qualifications, you can view my resume.

Current situation
    Completed my Master's degree in 2011 and will focus on applying for PhD.

Research interests
  • Complex networks - applications on social, biological and technological systems, and their dynamics
    • Modelling and prediction of outbreak dynamics (rumours, contagions, ideas) in complex networks
    • Multi-agent cooperation challenges, such as reaching an agreement, distributed movement in formation and optimal placement
  • Machine learning and data mining
    • Inference on networks
    • Graphical models
  • Systems biology
    • Network dynamics, modeling and reconstruction

    Book chapter
    Working papers
  • A. Stanoev, D. Trpevski and L. Kocarev, "Modeling the Spread of Multiple Concurrent Contagions on Networks", forthcoming
  • A. Stanoev, S. Filiposka, V. In and L. Kocarev, "Cooperative Method for Wireless Sensor Network Localization"