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Aneta Koseska

Research interests
  • Dynamics of biological networks: data analysis and modeling
  • Noise-induced and coupling phenomena in biological systems
  • Deterministic and stochastic bifurcations
  • Theory of oscillation quenching: coupled oscillators in physics,biology,chemistry
  • Methods for network reconstruction from experimental data
  • Multiscale dynamics and model reduction of bio-systems
  • Computational and analysis algorithms for high-throughput experimental data, e.g. transcriptomics
  • Construction and modeling of synthetic gene networks

Selected publications

(for a complete list of publications see here)

  • S. Hempel, A. Koseska, J. Kurths and Z. Nikoloski, Inner composition alignment for inferring directed networks from short time series, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 054101 (2011)

  • A. Koseska, E. Ullner, E. Volkov, J. Kurths and J. Garcia-Ojalvo, Cooperative differentiation through clustering in multicellular populations, J. of Theor. Biol. 263, 189 (2010)

  • A. Koseska, E. Volkov and J. Kurths, Detuning-dependent dominance of oscillation death in globally coupled synthetic genetic oscillators, Europhys. Lett. 85, 28002 (2009)

  • A. Koseska, A. Zaikin, J. Kurths and J. Garcia-Ojalvo, Timing cellular decision making under noise via cell-cell communication, PloS one 4, e4872 (2009)

  • A. Koseska, E. Volkov, A. Zaikin and J. Kurths, Inherent multistability in arrays of autoinducer coupled genetic oscillators, Phys. Rev. E 75, 031916 (2007)
    • selected for Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research 13(7)